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Mold is a problem caused by humidity accumulated in areas where there is little ventilation, such as a shower in the cabins of a ship. Shower trays, since they lack walls compared to bathtubs, leave no possibility of adhesion to the curtain when it hangs vertically.

However, it is always good to remember that hygiene is essential after using the shower, as traces of dirt and organic matter from our body end up remaining on the surfaces.

Pink mold is a type of bacteria that, if not controlled in time, can cause major health consequences, possibly causing some of the following symptoms, which we describe below:

Bone infections through open wounds.

Gastrointestinal disorders.

Allergic reactions.




Respiratory problems.

Infections in the bladder and urinary tract.

During the stay on a cruise ship where many people live together, hygiene and dietary measures are very strict, ensuring at all times the non-chain transmission of any contagion due to bacteria or fungi.

One of the precautions that must be taken is to pick up the curtain well extended to wring it out and not leave traces of water attached to it with the wrinkled curtain. For this reason, we always advise users not to leave residue or soap residue, since this causes organic remains to remain stuck to the surface. It is best to rinse the entire surface of the shower and brush with bleach and a little degreaser for easy removal of mold and traces of dirt.

With Vrethom shower curtains, we have the security of offering effective hygienic-sanitary prevention in the shower where they are going to be installed, preventing the appearance of bacteria, microorganisms and molds that can threaten the health of passengers.

On the other hand, the ventilation of a bathroom shower on a boat is essential to eliminate the action of the steam that forms after use.

When handling shower curtains in general, it is advisable to stretch them well during hygiene of the curtain itself, but also when rinsing it with water. So with a little care you can avoid infections from this type of bacteria.

Up to this point we could say that these preventive actions are active measures, while the passive ones are given by the inherent qualities of the Vrethom boat shower curtains.

The antibacterial safety measures provided by Vrethom shower curtains for boats act thanks to the type of spinning that makes up the fabrics with which these curtains are made.

With the advantage of being able to be easily disassembled, its rings have an easy and flexible opening for later insertion.

With this, they can be washed perfectly at high temperatures thanks to their resistant polyester fabric made up of high tensile tenacity yarns in both weft and warp.