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As consumers or users of cruise ship travel, we always expect a pleasant vacation with the best services on board a ship that provides us with comfort, services, leisure and safety. Times have changed and today, the bathroom has become one of the most important parts of our home. If we transfer it to the naval world, exactly the same thing happens.

If we are also talking about passenger ships such as cruise ships or large pleasure boats, we have the problem of space. Well, it is always the last place a designer thinks about in naval construction, even so, the bed will be the rest area. A good shower in a cabin well insulated by a shower curtain will provide us with that moment of well-being.

But to provide health security to the passengers of a large cruise ship and not spread infections due to bacteria or viruses, certain measures must be maintained regarding cleaning, while having materials that act as adjuvants and reinforcement against the possible proliferation of fungi and mold in a bathroom.

In this sense, the Vrethom model boat shower curtains are manufactured with an antibacterial treatment that quickly eliminates the possible breeding ground where unwanted bacteria can proliferate due to humidity and water.

For safety, this type of curtains, specially designed to comply with OMI/SOLAS regulations, have a fireproof certificate. Likewise, and in case of spontaneous grip with vertical force, these curtains have a system of removable rings, which facilitate both their insertion into the bar where they hang, as well as the safety of cushioning the fall in the bathroom when they are pulled downwards.

The pre-cut ring system of Vrethom boat shower curtains is designed to be inserted into a rod and at the same time so that they can have a relatively easy opening flex. But also that it has sufficient support in case of pulling due to falls and cushions the hanging.

Shower curtains do the job of keeping water in its place: in the shower! Most shower curtains are made of water-repellent materials, otherwise the curtain would be completely soaked with water.

The bar system in shower curtains for boats is proven to be a valid and quick option to place, thanks to its pressure system at its ends that helps with a precise telescopic adjustment when it is straight, by means of a rubber terminal on both sides that favor a better grip.

In the case of a 90º curved curtain, the Vrethom model has fastening systems that are screwed on both sides by means of a support, to give greater resistance to a straight bar that connects with a second one that already incorporates the curve.